The Victims

The exact number of Yellow Fever deaths in Holly Springs is unknown. The following list is the most complete list of Yellow Fever victims available, using all known contemporary and primary sources, including mortuary lists. The list includes all confirmed victims of the Yellow Fever who died in Holly Springs. Citizens who died of Yellow Fever in other towns but are buried in Holly Springs are not included in this list of official victims.

The following list contains 304 names. Of these, 91 have a burial marker or monument in Hill Crest Cemetery.  The remaining victims are likely buried in Hill Crest Cemetery, in unmarked graves or graves that were originally marked with wooden markers. The existence of a “Yellow Fever mass grave” is questionable, though “burial trenches” are mentioned in the historic record.

All Yellow Fever monuments and markers in Hill Crest Cemetery are in a gallery below the list of victims. `

The following sources were used to compile this list: A History of the Yellow Fever: The Yellow Fever Epidemic of 1878 in Memphis, Tenn, J. M. Keats (1879); The Epidemic of 1878 in Mississippi: Report of the Yellow Fever Relief Work, J. L. Power (1879) Holly Springs Occasional, (published every month during the Yellow Fever Epidemic, with lists of all Yellow Fever victims; 1878); Yellow Fever Days Now 50 Years Gone, South Reporter article, John Mickle (1928); Cemeteries of Marshall County, (2nd Edition), Bobby Mitchell (2002); Examination of Hill Crest Cemetery monuments, Robert Patterson, Bobby Mitchell and Phillip Knecht (2018).

August 25th:

Samuel L. Downs

Delia Lake



August 31st:

A. W. Goodrich



September 1st:

A. T. Wiltshire



September 2nd:

William Makin

James G. Chism


September 3rd:

Isaac Tandler


September 4th:

Garland Brown (child of A.F.)

Frank A. Ganter

Robert Waite McClain


September 5th:

Willie Bateman

James Fort

William Hogan

Louisa J. Knapp

Mrs. James Nuttall

Barton P. Oliver

Mrs. Elizabeth A. Thomas


September 6th:

Samuel Abernathy

John H. Chenowith

Adeline E. C. Leak

Samuel Crockett

Alexander Fox Moore

Benjamin Duke Nabers

Lemuel Augustus “Gus” Smith

Child of Herman Snider

William R. Todd


September 7th:

Dr. Charles Bonner

Samuel Wilson Bonner

Brodie S. Crump

Charles Glassy

James Nuttall

James Thomson Walker

Richard Watson



September 8th:

Unknown Woman (Mrs. Blank)

Henry Bateman

Martha L. Bateman

Julia Pryor Waite


September 9th:

R. G. Campbell

Thomas A. Falconer

Virginia Lynch

Ulysses H. Ross

George Wing


September 10th:

A. A. Armstrong

Harry F. Brinkley

Charles R. Chenowith

William Crump

Sarah Fannie Dougherty

Robert Wallace Fort

Hal Johnson

Wesley J. Marett

J. C. Potter

Annie F. Pryor

Clem Read

Corilla Record

Alex Seyple

Victor Smith

William C. Wooten



September 11th:

Maria S.V. Daniel

Joseph Richard Daniel

Clarissa Davis

Winfield S. Featherston Jr.

Father Antonio Anacleto Oberti

Charles Schneider



September 12th:

Henry Epps

Scott Epps

Minerva Lynch

Miss Read


September 13th:

Robert S. Brinkley

James Wesley Brannon

Hannah Hastings

Dina Ingram

Sam Kimball

Lizzie Lane

Mrs. John Potter

Edward Ward Upshaw


September 14th:

Mariah Anderson



September 15th:

George Johnson

George Kimball

Pat McGuire



September 16th:

Laura Demmey

Mr. Dunn

Lotta Ingraham

James M. Kean

Mrs. George Kimball

Angeline Quiggins

Lewis B. Thomson

Francis M. Fennell



September 17th:

Ben Boyd

Ben Hardy Cayce

Elizabeth McEwen Featherston

Margaret Miller

Mary Stewart

Caroline Washington

Amanda Melvina Watson

Peter Webber


September 18th:

Amelia Forman

Mrs. Martin Knable

Jane McGary

J. H. Stone

J. W. Webber



September 19th:

William Collins

Stephen Knapp

Child of Rebecca Lea

Lucinda Sims

Sarah B. Thomson

Harvey Washington Walter



September 20th:

Ephraim Thomas Brinkley

Lizzie Butler

Howard Falconer

John P. Fennell

Dr. T. D. Manning


September 21st:

Julia Stojowski

Hugh Winborn



September 22nd:

Henry Carter

Child of Mollie Cox

Jim Fowler

Mary Gholson

Charles Harris

Henry Harris

John Larouche

Eugene Leidy Jr.

Sister Stanislaus Morrissey

Avant Walter


September 23rd:

Darthula Allen

Liza Allen

Nancy Allen

Kinloch Falconer

Henry Morton

Albert Rollins

Mrs. Stone



September 24th:

Willie Castello

John W. Fennell

Son of Mrs. Gaitley

Margaret Glassey

Child of Thomas Henderson

Amelia Maughan



September 25th:

Jacob Berry

Parker Hebdon

Elizabeth Williams Hutchinson

Dan Phillips

John Power

Annie Stewart



September 26th:

Allen Goulden

Mrs. Harrington

Son of Hempton

James R. L. Hunt

Dr. Lewis

J. M. Lumpkin

Mrs. Jeff McGowan

Sister Stella Fitzgerald

Frank Walter

James Walter

James Madison Wells

Child of William Yancy

Mrs. Yancy

Gordan D. H. “Guy” Allen


September 27th:

John Banks

Glenn Fant

Mr. Gholston

John W. Hastings

Mr. Johnston

Kate O’Gray

Cowan Roxy

Mrs. Archie Straws

Elizabeth Wells


September 28th:

Unknown African-American Child

Lizzie Georgia Featherston

Lucy Fort

Alex Hohenwart

Mrs. McGhery

Mrs. Crown McGuire

Austin Saunders

Sister Margarette Kelly

Martin Thomas

Mollie Virginia

Thomas Wade

Eli Walker


September 29th:

Eli Chew

John German

Mrs. McDermott

Dr. W. O. McKinney

Dan J. Oliver

L. P. Parish

John Pearson

Unknown Person

Unknown White Female

C. H. Walker

William Washington


September 30th:

Flora Anderson

Smith Baker

Christina Carlson

Henry Elliott

Infant child of Joseph Herr

Rufus Howard

Randall Moore

James McKean

Doctor Raymond

Sister Corinthia Mahoney

Infant of Strauss

D. Jeffries



October 1st:

Henry Cowan

A. C. Henderson

Joseph Herr

Mrs. Joseph Herr

Haywood McKissack

Mrs. Parish

Mike Tiernan


October 2nd:

Augustus Bowman

Joseph C. Hess

Jane Hill

Martin Knable

Child of Maughhan

H. J. McKeogh

Julia Roberts

Peter Stineman

Amanda Sutton

Martha Walker

Child of Webber


October 3rd:

William Compton

Selden Fant

Thomas Gilbert

Daniel Gray

Child of Hal Johnson

Lizzie Malsi

Mrs. B. A. Myers

Stanley Wells


October 4th:

Edward Hull Crump

Mr. Daily

James V. Henry


October 5th:

Lucius Boxley

Child of Millie Bradford

Isaac J. Diller

Henry Edmondson

John Hawkins

Mr. Miller

Sister Victoria Stafford


October 6th:

Priscilla Allen

Jacob Malsi

George Strather



October 7th:

Jane Craft (Wife of Dow)


October 8th:

James G. Adams

Allen Brogden


October 9th:

James McHugh

George Parks


October 10th:

Mrs. Haley



October 11th:

Child of Charles Harris

Jeff McGowan

Sister Laurentia Harrison



October 12th:

Ida McGowan

Mrs. James Miller

G. Thomas



October 13th:

Jacob Krouse

Alsey Lea



October 14th:

Edward Brim

Mrs. Lane

Willie Price

Milly Shotwell



October 15th:

Paton Edmondson

Son of Skoesburg



October 16th:

John Ellis

Joshua Watson


October 17th:

Child of Paton Edmondson

Charity Gaines


October 18th:

Joseph (Joel) Lackey

Dennis Lane



October 19th:

James Calvin

Burton Connington

Edwin Willis (Willis Edwards)


October 20th:

Rachael Cochran

Polly Martin

Henry Vandive


October 21st:

Robert King

Lula Lesseur

Mr. Mooney

Jesse Mercer Yowell



October 22nd:

Mrs. Compton

Son of Peter Gealor

Thomas Dresler

Amelia Martin

Al Rogers



October 23rd:

Harriett Moseley


October 24th:

John Kimbrough

Josephine Martin

John Tiernan



October 25th:

Dennis Gaitwood

Mrs. Peter Gheelan

William J. L. Holland

Mrs. Dr. McKinney



October 26th:

Mrs. Byers

Mrs. Gutheries



October 28th:

Mrs. Sam Coftin

Henry Gowan


October 29th:

Cora McWilliams


October 30th:

Ted Nellums

November 1st:

Twins of Mrs. R. A. McWilliams


November 2nd:

Child of Mrs. Henry Armstead

Thomas Hebdon Jr.


November 5th:

Robert Adams

Eugene Cochran


November 14th:

Child of W. T. Barry


November 15th:

James Donohue


November 18th:

J. E. Tobin


November 24th:

Mollie McDermott


Yellow Fever Monuments and Markers

Hill Crest Cemetery